A public service resource for Pet Therapy in the Midlands.

I’m Kathy and I became interested in Pet Therapy about 13 years ago.
I was interested in learning about Pet Therapy, but it was nearly impossible to find information. I hovered in pet supply stores hoping someone would know something and asked everyone I could. It was a difficult and frustrating search, but eventually my dog and I became a Pet Therapy Team and found places to visit.

I want to help others who are interested in Pet Therapy.
As my dog Keiko and I became more involved in Pet Therapy, I realized there needed to be a central source of information about Pet Therapy – someplace where Pet Therapy Teams could let people know they are available (and brag about their pet a bit), and where organizations or groups could find Pet Therapy Teams.

So, I founded this website to organize information about Pet Therapy in the Midlands area.
The website is dedicated to Pet Therapy; people wanting to become Pet Therapy Teams and any organizations or groups that would like to receive Pet Therapy Services. Actually, anyone interested in Pet Therapy at all is welcome to participate… 🙂

You are welcome to participate in the following ways

If you are a Pet Therapy Team, I invite you to:
     Get a Brag page for you and your pet.
     Find opportunities for Pet Therapy by looking at the Open Requests.
     Sign up for the Newsletter.

If you are looking for Pet Therapy Services, I invite you to:
     Find a Pet Therapy Team using the Pet Therapy Teams in Columbia page.
   ptsc-logo_opt25  Contact us to find a team for you.
   ptsc-logo_opt25  Sign up for the Newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming a Pet Therapy Team, I invite you to:
     Visit the How To Become A Pet Therapy Team page.
     Contact me with your questions.
     Sign up for the Newsletter.

Finally, if you are interested in general about Pet Therapy in the Midlands, I invite you to:
     Contact me to talk about Pet Therapy
     Sign up for the Newsletter

This website is a public service staffed by volunteers. We strive to make all the information in the site current, correct, and concise. Please contact us if you find any errors or omissions.