Pet Therapy Team Visits

Examples of Pet Therapy Team Visits

The purpose for Pet Therapy Team visits is to enhance the lives of people in our community. Here are some typical places for Pet Therapy Team visits:

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes
Visits to the day room and residents’ rooms.

Hospitals and Medical Centers
Visits to patients’ rooms and/or waiting rooms, infusion rooms, and group therapy rooms. Also visit with families and staff.

Schools and Universities
Dog Bite Prevention and Reading programs are popular with elementary and middle schools. Pet Therapy is often requested at USC at exam time for stress relief.

Guidelines for Successful Pet Therapy Team Visits

  • Teams should be registered – this ensures the team has passed evaluations, carries liability insurance, and follows the standards for successful Pet Therapy visits.
  • Schedule visits in advance – never drop in on a facility or institution. Plan and schedule visits with the appropriate administrators.
  • Animals (and the handler) should be clean and healthy – duh… 🙂
  • Carry a Contingency Kit – depending on the pet, such as water, wipe cloths, poop bags, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Avoid interactions with other animals – some facilities have pets-in-residence or other Pet Therapy Teams visiting at the same time. Avoid letting the animals be in contact.

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