Team Alan, Kathy & Pumpkin Face



My name is ‘Pumpkin Face’. I’m a very happy 7 year old Pomeranian.
I let my owners, Kathy and Alan, live with me. After all, I have them well trained. Let me tell you a little about us.

I chose my new family a few days before Halloween.
They thought my color was “a pumpkin color”, so I became ‘Pumpkin Face’. Actually I’m “Daddy’s Pumpkin Face” on my papers, but I like my nickname, ‘Pumpkin Face’!

Kathy and Alan moved here from New Jersey nearly 7 years ago.
They settled in the Saluda area, and we all love it here! Kathy is a registered Hospice Volunteer and certainly knows how important it is to listen to the lifetime stores of older folks, as well as to bring comfort to caregivers and family members. She did that before I came into her life, and guess what? I’ve just made it that much better since I became a therapy dog and can go with her and Alan!

Alan has a boat and loves to fish.
I let him because he takes me along and I get to fish too! I don’t catch much, but I sit on a small table on the boat and I am the lookout for big fish and friendly visitors! Kathy and Alan think they have to spell “motor boating” around me, but don’t tell them that I know how to spell! Actually, I know lots of words, including ‘hungry, thirsty, and cookie’. Hmmm, is there a pattern here??

Alan was the one who thought about me being a therapy dog.
We had been at Lowe’s one day and a man approached us and said “Your dog would make a great therapy dog”. That was the beginning… I was registered in September 2014… and the rest is history!

We enjoy visiting so much that we keep really busy! We currently visit at LMC Extended Care and the Carroll Campbell Facility, 7 Special Needs classes at Lexington High School, Lexington Medical Center where we spend extra time in the infusion center, and USC School of Nursing during finals! I love my work because I make people happy!

Registered with: Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits

Availability: Our schedule is full

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


pf-withowner_optMe and the lady who thinks she owns me

pf-frilly_optI always dress up for therapy visits

pf-pink_optI love evening wear

pf-boat_optA relaxing day on the lake

pf-sunflowers_optOf course, I am outstanding in the field