Team Kara & Loki


We are the pet therapy team of Kara and Loki.
Loki is an Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/Standard Poodle Mix) who was born in Oregon in May of 2011. We have been a registered Pet Therapy team since 2013, and we are dual registered with Pet Partners and Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Loki has a German name, after his Poodle roots. Loki was named after the Norse God of Mischief, and he lives up to his name well. Loki is a curious, playful dog who loves being pet by everyone. He is a big dog who believes he is the same size as his cat buddies at home!

Sometimes he thinks he is a cat!
Growing up with cats, Loki learned how to mimic their behavior; he tries to sleep on their beds, rubs against people’s legs, and even likes to sit in laps.

He cannot get enough attention!
He thrives as being center of everything. He loves playing any game he can think of, whenever he can! His favorite games are chasing his black kong and chasing his big red ball around the yard. But he also enjoys tag (with whatever human he can get to play), keep away, swimming (anywhere; lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans), hiking, running, playing ball, playing tug/rope, and many other games.

Loki is currently visiting Moncrief Army Hospital at Ft. Jackson.
Here he loves visiting all of the hospital staff and patients. He likes all the special attention they give him, and he gives it right back. Loki especially likes playing games while visiting the hospital, he even brings his favorite toys and looks for people to play with him between the petting.

Loki also visits Columbia Metropolitan Airport in a therapy dog program he helped set up.
We realized there was a need from an article about therapy dog programs at other cities, so we did the legwork and the rest is history!

He loves visiting all of the passengers and their families. He also enjoys visiting all the military personnel who travel through the airport. Here are links to news stories in local media about his work:

Therapy Dog Program Begins At CAE

Therapy Dogs Help Flyers Relax

Columbia Airport Enlists Dogs To Help Soothe Antsy Travelers

Loki loves visiting the airport, and even has a favorite cookie in one of the gift shops he makes me visit while he’s there. He goes right to them every time, hoping he will get one. Loki also likes to clean the floor from the popcorn given by one of the airlines at baggage claim.

We do get people now who have seen us on the news, or remember us from past visits and will ask for us at the information desk.

Here is an interview with Dawn Mercer Plank about the therapy dogs in the airport.

Loki really enjoys going out and meeting new people in new places. We look forward to finding more people and places that we can visit!

Registered with: Both Pet Partners and Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits

Availability: Weekend days and evenings, and weekday evenings.

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


My official portrait... looking good!
My official portrait… looking good!


Surfs up!!!
Surf’s up!!! Who’s coming with me?

Fetch? You're kidding me right?
Fetch? You’re kidding me right?

Now this is more like it.
Now this is more like it.

Am I cute or what?
Am I cute or what?