Team Kathy & Malainn


Malainn is a rescued mutt. She had been a neighborhood stray who was taken off the streets by a friend who then realized her other dog did not like Malainn. She had been in a home for 9 months when I adopted her last summer. She was not crate or leash trained so we had lots of work to do. She is much smarter than I am, and she passed her evaluation the first time!

There were two conditions to my adopting her: she had to have a ‘therapy dog’ temperament and she had to be accepted by my 10 year old Keiko, who had been an only dog her whole life. It took a couple months, but now they are buddies.

Malainn made her Pet Therapy Team debut in January 2014, and was a big hit at Palmetto Baptist. She is quite the lap dog; she will just curl up in a patient’s lap and relax there while she gets loved. She visits so many people she wears herself out, and after a drink of water, falls asleep in the car until we get home. She visits various facilities about once per week, and hopes to visit at Palmetto Parkridge when they are ready for Pet Therapy visits.

Malainn was a bit chubby when I adopted her, so she (and Keiko by default) went on a green bean diet. I substituted about half her kibble with chopped green beans. She did great, and lost her extra weight in about a month. Boy, what a hit the green beans were! They are now one of her favorite treats, and I buy them in huge cans at Sam’s Club! Of course she doesn’t turn her wet nose up at homemade frosty paws, pigs ears, carob balls, and other assorted goodies I make when she looks at me with those big brown eyes!

Malainn has discovered the doggie sport of flyball! She is a fast runner and loves the jumps. She is learning the box quickly since she is very motivated by the training treats (microwaved hot dogs).

Registered with: Pet Partners Inc

Services: Pet Therapy Visits and Bite Prevention Programs

Availability: Daytimes (both weekdays and weekends)

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


Kathy and Keiko
Our official photo!

Am I cute or what?
Am I cute or what?

He’s lying down and I’m working hard!

Staff Therapy at Palmetto Baptist

Patient’s lap dog!

Nurse Therapy at SCOA

Wind me up and I’ll take off!