Team Pat/Roy & Josie/Tigger


I’m Pat and these are my two dogs, Josie and Tigger.
I’ll bet you can guess which is which just from their names! Tigger is the one on the left and is a Lab/Plott hound. Josie is a Husky/Golden Retriever mix. They are both 5 years old and were adopted as puppies from the Lexington County Animal Shelter. I’m retired from Bellsouth and loving it!

These two have very different personalities!
Josie, who is a female, is laid back and enjoys having her belly rubbed. When we’re traveling she’s the one snoozing in the backseat with her head on the armrest.

Tigger, on the other hand, is more active. He loves to catch balls and toys. He’s the one with his head (and tongue) hanging out the window when we travel. He gets all the attention while Josie gets her beauty sleep.

When Tigger was adopted he was a ‘joint custody dog’. My neighbor and I picked out Tigger when he was 6 weeks old. He spent every day with me and he became more my baby so Tigger came to live with me, Roy, and Josie. Now we are one big happy family.

They are very smart dogs, and they have us well trained!
Besides the basic obedience commands, they ‘give 5’ and head to another room in the house at meal time. Tigger can hunt for toys and if you shoot him with your finger, he falls dead!

They love playing outdoors with kids
The kids in the neighborhood come knocking on the door asking if Josie & Tigger can come out and play. They both love it; chasing balls and having fun with the kids. They also think that there is only reason for humans to be on this earth: to love and spoil them!

My husband Roy and I have personal experience with the value of pet therapy.
When our daughter was in the hospital for an extended stay, pets were brought in and I cannot tell you how much she brightened up when they came to visit. The dogs and other animals were the high point of the days, and she always looked forward to the next visit.

Both these dogs are brand new therapy dogs and at the beginning of their pet therapy careers!
Since they are always together and don’t like to be separated (they are either married or brother and sister – I’m not sure which) I plan to visit with them both at one time. So, we are a 3 part team during the week; two dogs and one handler. Evenings and weekends my husband Roy, who is also registered with both dogs, will be the 4th member of the team.

Would you like us to visit you?
We currently visit at Lexington Extended Care and are looking for more places to visit. We are interested in visiting in hospitals and medical facilities as well as in schools and with special needs kids with the READ program.

Registered with: Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits

Availability: Daytimes – both weekdays and weekends, Evenings during the week

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


Yes, we do "treats".
Yes, we do “treats”

Ready, Set, Go!
Ready, Set, Go!

Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!
Yep, they really dressed me like this!

Pet Therapy is hard work.
Pet Therapy is hard work!

I'm ready. Call me for Pet Therapy. Or else.
I’m ready. Call me for Pet Therapy… or else!