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Our Story

Here’s a little history about how my dog and I got started as a Pet Therapy Team.

I was walking Chase in the Saluda Shoals dog park one day when a man approached me and said, “I’ve been watching your dog and he would make a wonderful therapy dog.”

I wasn’t sure what a therapy dog was so I did some research and decided the man was right.

Chase, a black and white Border Collie, was about 5 years old at the time. Rescued from an animal shelter, he loved people, especially children. Also, he was calm and well behaved, so I got him ready to be tested.

As soon as Chase became registered in 2009, I began taking him to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Eventually we visited sick children at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital where Chase brought smiles to the faces of youngsters and often made them laugh.

We still go to Children’s Hospital, as well as Still Hopes Retirement Community and Meadow Glen Elementary School where kids read to him.

I had always wanted to write a children’s book but never had the time, so after I retired, I decided to write a book about Chase and what he does as a therapy dog. Called “Chase Gets a Medal,” it was published in 2010.

When it was time to write a sequel, once again Chase inspired me. “Chase Gets A Pen Pal” was published in 2013. Youngsters love the brightly colored illustrations in both books! You should check them out – they are great! (Chase told me to say that). If you are interested owning one of them, I would be pleased to sell it to you.

These books have taken Chase and me in directions we could not have imagined! We get invitations from numerous schools and libraries for me to read the books to kids as they pet the star! Pawmetto Lifeline, where I got Chase, invites us to read Chase’s books when they have a group of kids coming for a tour.

Chase and I go to ‘Career Days’ at schools, we visit after-school facilities, and even summer camps! Chase has become quite famous! How famous, you ask? Kids immediately recognize him when we walk down Main Street in the Lexington Christmas Parade and call out “There’s Chase!”

Registered with: Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.) and Therapy Dogs International (TDI)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits, Reading programs, and public speaker.

Availability: Daytimes on weekdays

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


Peter & Chase
Peter & Chase

Good looking aren't I.
Good looking aren’t I!

I am such a nice dog.
I am such a nice dog!

I love kids, and they love me. Of course they do, I am adorable... :)
I love kids, and they love me. Of course they do, I am adorable… 🙂

May I come out and visit you?
May I come out and visit you?