Team Robert & Scrappy


Hi! I’m Scrappy, and I have a story to tell you!
When I was just a little puppy, I was abandoned, and ended up being rescued by the Animal Protection League. I’m sooooo happy they found me! Want to know why? Well, I am a black dog, and it’s hard to find forever homes for black dogs, especially big black dogs like me. The people at APL gave me the great name of Scrappy, which I learned, and we waited. We waited for 5 years for my forever family to find me.

In the meantime, Robert had retired
after teaching kids for 35 years, and he needed something to do. He found out about the plight of black dogs and determined to help us get adopted. He figured that if we learned to sit, come, stay down, and some other basic commands we would be more adoptable. I was a wild child, so he decided to start with me. He came to pick me up to train me so I’d be more adoptable for some other family, and guess what! He fell in love with me and decided to keep me.

Robert took me to training
and found out how smart I am (probably because I’m an awesome mix of Germany Shepherd [White Swiss Shepherd], Labrador Retriever, and 8 other breeds!) I passed all the obedience classes with flying colors. Then I earned the Canine Good Citizen Award for my exemplary behavior. We have been a happy family ever since! About a year ago we decided to become a Pet Therapy Team, and went through the training to become registered.

Robert helped me so much
and I am very happy to be able to help him too. You see, he has a medical condition that I can sniff out. When he doesn’t smell right I let him know and he can get the medicine he needs. He thinks this is very cool! So I inadvertently became a service dog!

As a Pet Therapy Team
we visit at Lexington Medical Center and Lexington Extended Care. At the medical center I wait at the door until I am invited in to make sure the patient is doing OK. I am very easy to pet from a bed or a wheelchair because I’m a big black dog! I also like to visit the surgery waiting room because there are lots of people there who want to pet me!

During the school year
we visit special needs kids at Lexington High School. The kids who are familiar with dogs pet me and read to me, and I never correct them! Robert and I also work with kids who are afraid of dogs. We take it very slow and don’t get pushy. In fact we let the kids set the pace, and they usually end up taking me for a walk (and Robert is right there).

You can tell I like to help people feel better, and when smiles brighten up these kids’ faces it makes me smile too!

Along with Robert and his wife,
I live with two cats and my friend, Bobo. He’s about a year old and a very tiny poodle. When we eat I let him sniff my food, and I’d even let him have some if he wanted it! I know there’s more where that came from!

If you love big black dogs
Robert and I are the team for you! Just let us know and we’ll be there!

Registered with: (Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits

Availability: Weekday Mornings

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


Robert and Scrappy_opt
Our Official Photo!

scrappy and friend
I love taking treats from babies

scrappy family
Here I am graduating from Obedience School

Scrappy AKC award_opt
Am I Good or What!

scrappy pose
Just gimme some luv…

scrappy and cat
Sharing the Bed with Tigger

scrappy and bebe
BoBo is Helping Me Sleep!