Team Sally & Maggy


My name is Sally and my Therapy dog is Maggy.
She is a 7 year old female Lab/mix shelter dog. I was so happy to adopt her as a puppy from Pets, Inc. in West Columbia SC.

Maggy is at the beginning of her Pet Therapy career!
Shortly after she moved in with me, I noticed that Maggy had just the perfect personality to be a therapy dog and loves people. So in the spring of 2014 we passed our evaluations and were ready to begin visiting! We are registered through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy dogs, Inc.). My husband Graham is also registered as a team with Maggy.

We would like to visit in various facilities, such as schools and non-medical facilities. We would also like to help with the reading programs in or near the Lexington area. We are interested in one-time events as well. Our time can be flexible during the week and on some weekends.

We have visited the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission (senior services) in Lexington and in Gilbert. Maggy was a greeter at a camp where I taught photography classes. We are looking forward to visiting USC to help relieve stress for students.

Maggy lives at home with 4 chickens and plenty of room to run.
In her play time she loves to chase my chickens and put them back in their house. I’m not sure how much the chickens love it though.

Her nature is super sweet and her fur is very soft to pet.
Maggy also knows a few tricks and will give hugs. Our very favorite spot is the beach, but Maggy also loves to go camping and we go often. Yes, that is actually her “surfing” in the last photograh! She has been on the cover of a magazine while on a boogie board.

I am a Freelance Photographer and she often helps me with the classes I teach.
When it’s time to pose, she is ready! Don’t you agree that she is very photogenic?

Registered with: Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy Visits, one-time events, reading programs

Availability: Weekdays during the day, occasional weekends

Contact: Please contact me through the Contact Form on this website.


formalportrait2_optHere we are!

therapydog_optI’m a good listener

verysmart_optI’m also very smart!

driving_optOn the way to a therapy dog visit.

fishing_optYou should see the one that got away!

flag_optI am proud to be a Therapy Dog

househelper_optI give great hugs!

surfing_optSurf’s up!