Anna Marie/Ken and Tilly/Teddy Bear


Hi, I am Tilly’s handler, Anna Marie. When I retired my husband Ken got me a chocolate and white parti-colored puppy who I named Mathilde…Tilly for short. Tilly is a multi-generation labradoodle. That mix is known for its outgoing nature and intelligence. It is a bonus that she is hypo-allergenic and a non-shedder! It became obvious when she was training that she was a natural for pet therapy. She even allows me to dress her up; hence the nickname Tutu Tilly! There’s something about a big dog in a tutu with bows in her hair that just makes you smile.

Tilly and I were registered by Alliance of Therapy Dogs and soon began therapy dog visits. We coaxed Ken off the couch and encouraged him to become a second handler for Tilly. Soon Ken was looking for a puppy of his own.

Hi, I am Ken, and I handle both Tilly and Teddy Bear, but one at a time. My wife was having too much fun making visits with sweet Tilly and I wanted to be part of that. Time for another labradoodle! We saw a picture of a curly apricot and white pup whose expressive eyes and black nose made him look like a stuffed toy. Soon I was in training with Teddy Bear. He is not into dressing up except for the occasional bandana or tie. Teddy is a typical boy, energetic, enthusiastic, and always ready for his next adventure whether it’s with people or his dog buddies. Just try and resist touching his soft, chenille like hair!

We are thrilled to have won the Mungo Homes Community Builder Award in 2016 and Lexington Medical Center Extended Care’s Pet Volunteers of the Year for 2017!

Registered with: Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs, Inc.)

Services: Pet Therapy visits and Reading Programs.

Availability: Although our schedules are full, we will consider wait-lists.

Contact: Please contact us through the Contact Form on this website.


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